Strateg Group

Strateg Group - case


  • customer : Strateg Group
  • business activity : investment, construction and property maintenance, urban renewal, IT
  • period of work : 2017 – 2019
  • website :

Key tasks

Management, Development, Improvement and Promotion of the internal projects were the main goals of our work. It was important to ensure the creation of the “correct” reputation of the company as a whole.

that was amazing!

Our results


marketing analysis and development of a promotion strategy in areas of activity

in-depth analysis of the target audience for each goal

Design & Development

design and development of the main corporate website and several promotional websites by directions

content creation, seo-optimization

website - desktop layout
maina-vira-by - website

Content Creation

creation of photo and video content that was necessary throughout the entire period of work and was used in the implemented solutions

External Resources

creating profiles, filling and updating information in social networks and other external services: Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, LinkedIn and more - instagram screenshot

Marketing Materials

development of layouts for various products in the corporate style (banners, flyers, business cards, uniforms, stickers, etc.)

construction helmet -
banner and personal card -
thermos -
branded stickers -

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